Stirling expertise contributes to future of Europe

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Stirling expertise has informed the British Council’s Our Shared European Future recommendations, made to EU and UK leaders in early July 2017.

Professor Joseph Mifsud of the University of Stirling, in liaison with other experts in Europe, has helped to refine the final recommendations which seek to advise Brexit negotiators both on the EU and the UK sides. 

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Our Shared European Future seeks to provide reflections about the implications for the education, culture and science sectors across Europe, with a special focus on research and higher education mobility in Europe.


Over the last year, the British Council has brought together more than 500 organisations from 32 countries by organising events across the continent to make much-needed dialogue possible.

Professor Mifsud has been instrumental in bridging between the institutions in the UK and in Brussels and developing other initiatives in support of the communique within Europe.

Professor Mifsud said: "I very much welcome the important recommendations in 'Our Shared European Future'. They offer vital considerations to both EU and UK negotiating teams on the implications for the education, culture and science sectors across Europe."

The recommendations range from residency rights to ease of movement and a call to empower and engage young people as effective agents of positive change.

It notes "it is vital that Brexit does not mean a reduction in educational, cultural and scientific cooperation between the UK and other European countries. Rather, we should make it an opportunity to review, re-design and strengthen such links."