III Symposium on Current Trends in Consumer Research

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Stirling Court Hotel, University of StirlingFree

We are delighted to welcome Professor Cele Otnes to host our III Symposium on Current Trends in Consumer Research at the University of Stirling in May 2024. We would like to invite you to come to our campus where we will meet in person for this event.

The focus of the symposium this year is to explore ideas on how we can use Marketing to shape a better future for people and places. We aim to discuss and connect a variety of consumer research topics using the following three themes: 

  • Understanding consumers’ health and well-being through transformative technologies.
  • Shaping the marketplace through an exploration of consumer and practitioner perspectives (e.g. how retailers can foster well-being).
  • Building identities and communities through transforming (retail) spaces (e.g. transformative consumer research). 

We are interested in how your research aligns with and contributes to these themes and we are inviting you to submit your ideas to take part in this exciting and thought-provoking event.

While this symposium is free to attend, places are limited and are only available to people who have an accepted abstract.

Find out how to submit an abstract for this symposium.

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