II Symposium on Current Trends in Consumer Research

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Archived event. This event has passed.

Stirling Court Hotel - Wallace RoomFree

We are delighted to welcome Professor Cele Otnes to host our II Symposium on Current Trends in Consumer Research at the University of Stirling in May 2023. We would like to invite you to come to our Stirling Campus where we will meet in person for this event.

In this symposium, Prof Cele Otnes and Prof Kathy Hamilton (University of Strathclyde) will present their research "Understanding Customer Emotion Management: How Practitioners Foster Tranquility” and there will be an opportunity to discuss this topic with leading academics in the area of consumer research.

This will be followed by a Panel discussion on “What Makes Research ‘High-Impact’. In the afternoon, we will have a session on writing convincingly and concisely. Participants will have the opportunity to bring their work (including the issues they are struggling with or would like feedback on) and get feedback from an editing partner. We will work on this during this session.

Spaces are limited, reserve a free ticket for the II Symposium.

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