Email Signatures

Every email that comes from the University reflects upon the institution. It’s important to use a simple, branded email signature consistently across the University as it will help to strengthen our visual identity.

Simply copy the signature from the link below and paste into your email signature box in Microsoft Outlook remembering to update with your own personal contact details, including your name, position, phone number etc.

Signature Guidelines

In order to ensure the best formatting and best usage of your email signature:

  • Do not resize the logo image generated for your signature in your email client.
  • Do not add any graphics or images to the signature file.
  • It is possible to include one line of text underneath the signature with a key ranking/accolade you’d like to highlight. It is important that only the latest rankings and accolades are used – please refer to the facts and figures.


For approved sub-brand email signatures (Sport, Stirling Management School, Stirling Venues and Institute of Aquaculture), the University of Stirling logo should be replaced with the appropriate sub-brand logo.