Forth Environmental Resilience Array (Forth-ERA)

The Forth Environmental Resilience Array (Forth-ERA) is the first of its kind - a digital observatory of the Firth of Forth's catchment. 

We use near and real-time data flows from sensors, satellites and models to provide a one-stop-shop for environmental data. This enables the Forth catchment’s diverse organisations, from heavy industry to national parks, to take data-led, evidence-based decisions and plan for a sustainable and just transition to a net zero future.

Forth-ERA is a multi-million-pound investment programme through Scotland’s International Environment Centre, funded as part of the Stirling and Clackmannanshire City Region Deal.

Supporting business decision-making

Our team of scientists bring data to life. We offer services in sensor networks, satellite mapping, drone surveys, artificial intelligence and data visualisation.

Data applications can:

  • Effectively monitor peatland restoration, coastal stability and salt marshes and remote water bodies.
  • Provide near-real time detection and monitoring of wastewater discharges from treatment works.
  • Assist harbour authorities with information on sedimentation and navigation waterways.
  • Provide data about marine ocean currents and waves for shipping, optimising routes to improve safety, reduce fuel and improve time efficiencies.
  • Monitor changes in soil moisture and river levels to provide early flood warnings.

For example, we help Scottish Water implement innovative cost-cutting solutions to monitor drinking water quality by providing access to real time data flow. We provide early warning information to SEPA, Scotland's principal environmental regulator, on floods and drought in areas at risk of coastal, river and flash flooding.

Healthy waters

We have already demonstrated how providing additional information on the quality and quantity of water across the continuum of inland to coastal waters can support and inform the actions of businesses and regulators across the Forth Valley.

These included providing:

  • additional ways to monitor water quality in drinking water reservoirs
  • near real-time forecasts of bathing water quality
  • early warning and monitoring of floods
  • real time data on water temperature (useful for the brewing and distilling sectors)


A one-stop-shop for environmental data

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