Additional University fees

There are some instances where additional fees may apply. Depending on your chosen course, you may need to pay additional costs, for example for field trips.

Repeat Study

Undergraduate and postgraduate taught students who are required to repeat study will be charged their tuition fees pro rata based on the number of credits. The same rule is applied if a student is required to take additional modules for any other reason such as changing degree programmes.

Example 1: A postgraduate student is required to repeat a 20 credit module to complete their studies. In this case, as the annual course fee is based on 180 credits, the tuition fee for only taking 20 credits would be 1/9th (20 credits / 180 credits).

Example 2: An undergraduate student is required to take an additional module in an academic year and is taking 140 credits instead of the standard 120 credits. In this case, there would be an additional charge of 1/6th (20 credits / 120 credits).

Postgraduate Research

For postgraduate research students, if an extension is granted that results in the student entering a further year of the writing-up period then an additional enrolment-only fee will be due. The fee for 2023/24 is £470.


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