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Scotland's heritage capital

Stirling is full of character and steeped in history. It's the best-preserved medieval city in Scotland and where our country's Wars of Independence were fought and won.

Scotland's survival as a nation was guaranteed after the battle of Bannockburn in 1314, near to the city. The Bannockburn Heritage Centre is close to the battle site, where you can learn more about Robert the Bruce and his historic defeat of the English army. The Centre brings the battle to life through the use of interactive technology and 3D landscapes.

Two students walking into the entrance of Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle

Our sprawling castle is one of Scotland’s grandest – befitting the childhood home of Mary Queen of Scots. From its hill-top viewpoint, you can take in the fantastic scenery of the surrounding area and the city. It’s also where the world’s oldest football was discovered.

Famous faces

Stirling is the former capital of Scotland and still bears scars from its role in military campaigns that changed the course of Britain. Many iconic figures in Scotland's history, such as Robert Burns and John Knox, made appearances in the Old Town.

Stirling has many historically significant buildings for such a compact city. For example, the 'Church of the Holy Rude', founded in 1129, is the second oldest building in Stirling after the castle and has been a parish church for 600 years. Other than Westminster Abbey, it's the only British church still in daily use to have held a royal coronation – King James VI's coronation in 1567.

The Wallace Monument on a snowy hilltop

The National Wallace Monument

The 220ft high National Wallace Monument offers views over the Forth Valley that you don’t want to miss. This Gothic monument commemorates William (Braveheart) Wallace. It’s a mere 246 steps to the top! 

Image credit: Kenny Lam / Visit Scotland

A student taking a picture of Stirling Castle on their cameraphone

Top 5 heritage sights in Stirling...

  1. Step back in time at Stirling Castle.
  2. Climb all 246 steps to the top of the Wallace Monument.
  3. Discover the city's darker side at the Old Town Jail.
  4. Explore the Church of the Holy Rude.
  5. Go on the Stirling Ghost Walk... if you dare!
Statue of Robert the Bruce

... and beyond

  1. Be inspired by Robert the Bruce at the Battle of Bannockburn Experience.
  2. Go film location spotting at Doune Castle.
  3. Explore Edinburgh's historic Royal Mile.
  4. Discover the birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots at Linlithgow Palace.
  5. Learn about Scotland's story through thousands of objects at the National Museum of Scotland.

Image credit: John McPake

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