Bonnie the Pathfoot dog

A pure black, Labrador-Collie cross with a calm, friendly temperament, Bonnie was a popular visitor to the University of Stirling campus from the early 2000s.

Bonnie - the Pathfoot dog

Her owner, Jane Cameron, worked as Art Curator and Interior Designer based mainly in the Pathfoot Building, where Bonnie would befriend students and staff gathered in the Crush Hall - favouring those carrying packed lunches!

‘Pathfoot dog’, as she became known, was always at Jane’s side at meetings and site visits all over the campus. Her encounters with hard-working students often had a therapeutic effect, especially on those who had left their own dogs behind at the family home.  Frisky yet obedient as a young dog, she settled down in later life content to doze under an office desk until required to help to round up the team, queue for coffee (and possible sausages), ensure the biscuit tin was opened or mingle with students reassuring them before their exams.

For many months after her passing away quietly at home, the poignant question of “Where’s Bonnie?” would be heard on campus. Bonnie loved nothing better than leaping into the waters of Airthrey Loch, running through the bluebells in Hermitage Wood or chasing rabbits around the labyrinth in what is now the Garden of Time so this oasis of green is the perfect location to remember her contribution to Stirling university life and happy times.