Annabel Fisher

Make your one life count every day – love, Annabel

Annabel Fisher’s husband Michael has planted a cherry tree in the Garden of Time in loving remembrance of her.

Annabel Fisher

Annabel grew up in Headley, Hampshire, and matriculated at the University of Stirling in 1992. A great decision as it turned out – she loved the campus and the people she met there. And they loved her right back.

She graduated with a degree in Religious Studies on the morning of 28 June 1996. That evening she dressed up for her graduation ball and the next afternoon she married me, her Canadian fiancé, in Dunblane Cathedral.

Over the next 23 years Annabel – my love, my best friend, my bundle of energetic life – was an English as a Second Language Teacher in Pokhara, Nepal, then working for NOVA in Yamaguchi, Japan and finally Winfield College in Vancouver, Canada. Eventually, she became an Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner in Fort Langley, helping many people overcome trauma of one form or another. Later she would go on to become an accomplished, inspirational speaker attending events and conferences throughout North America talking about her healing journey after being diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer in August 2015.

Her journey lasted nearly four years. Chemotherapy and life-saving surgery led to her being declared cancer free. Sadly the cancer returned just over a year later and it was back to rounds of chemotherapy. It recurred twice before she courageously decided to forgo treatment, choosing to live without the ravages of chemotherapy and enjoy the rest of her life day after precious day.

In 2018 Annabel was given two months to live, a prognosis she outlived by 10 months. She died on 12 June 2019, but not before facing her disease with dignity, humour and spirit – all the while grabbing life with both hands.

Her final wish was to come full circle after graduating so many years ago and to have her ashes spread on the grounds of the beautiful University where so many friendships and memories were made.