How to choose your accommodation

At Stirling there's lots of accommodation options to choose from. With over 2,500 bedrooms across 19 properties, both on and off campus, it's useful to make a list of your preferences before applying. Here are some things to consider:


The cost of the accommodation will depend on what you are looking for. Consider what's affordable for you and what's included in the price. At the University of Stirling heating, electricity, contents insurance, WiFi, and housekeeping are all included in your rent. Our weekly rental prices are shown on the residence pages.

To help you work out your budget see our guide to student living costs.

Type of accommodation

You need to think about what kind of room suits your needs. All accommodation at Stirling is self-catering so you'll always share a kitchen with your flatmates. 

We have three types of rooms available:

  • Standard room - you have your own bedroom but share the toilet and shower facilities, kitchen and living space with your flatmates.
  • Ensuite room - you have your own bedroom, toilet and shower but you share the kitchen and living space  with your flatmates.
  • Studio flat - you have a bedroom, toilet and shower room and a kitchen all to yourself.

Search our properties to see what the rooms are like in each residence.

We also have a very limited amount of family accommodation for students planning to bring dependents with them.


We have properties both on and off campus so you'll need to think about what you prefer.

  • On campus gives you easy access to walk to your lectures and to facilities including a supermarket, cinema, cafes, library, sports centre and Students' Union.
  • Off campus means you could be based in Stirling city centre or the nearby village of Bridge of Allan offering you access to local shopping and supermarkets, cafes, bars, arts venues and parks as well as good public transport links to campus.

Accessible accommodation and pre-entry visits

Do you have a health condition, physical or mobility difficulties, sensory impairments, or mental health condition that means you'll need a specific type of room when you come to Stirling? It's worth getting in touch with our accommodation team as early as possible to discuss your requirements to ensure you choose the right type of room for your needs.

You can request a pre-entry visit where you can come and see the different types of rooms available and chat to our staff about your options. See more about our accessible accommodation and pre-entry visits.


We want to make sure that you stay in accommodation that suits your lifestyle. Have a think about things like:

  • Do you want to stay in a single or mixed gender flat?
  • Would you prefer a quiet flat?
  • Do you want an alcohol-free flat?

Different sizes of flats are offered in our properties so have a think about how many flatmates you would prefer to live with. When applying for accommodation you can let us know all this information along with anything else you want to tell us about yourself or the type of flatmates you are looking for.

Next steps

Once you've made a list of all your preferences go to our property search and pick the top six properties that match your needs.

When our accommodation opens for applications you'll be ready to go with your choices! See our guide on how to apply for accommodation.

Contact us

If you have any questions about University of Stirling accommodation, please get in touch.