Laundry facilities

Communal laundry facilities for any student staying in University-managed accommodation are located at the following residences:

  • Willow Court
  • Alexander Court
  • John Forty’s Court
  • Union Street Development
  • Spittal Hill

There are washing machines and tumble dryers. You can operate these using a debit or credit card, or with Google Pay or Apple Pay on the washer itself. The cost to use a washing machine is between £2.60 and £3 depending on the cycle chosen. The cost of using the tumble dryer is £1.20.

On card-operated machines, non-biological liquid detergent and fabric conditioner are provided within the machine and automatically replenished.

You can view the Washpoint website for the University of Stirling to see what machines are free in each of the laundry facilities.

If you have questions or come across issues with card-operated machines, please contact Washpoint directly. You can go to the Washpoint website to use the web chat, call on 08000 546 546 or email them at

Laundry facilities designated for residents of the building are found in:

  • Thistle Chambers
  • Lyon Crescent
  • Alangrange
  • Friarscroft

As these washing machines are not card operated you need to provide your own washing detergent but washing fees are included in your rent.