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Evidence Review Of Drug Treatment Services For People Who Are Homeless And Use Drugs



Miler J, Carver H, Masterton W, Parkes T, Jones L, Maden M & Sumnall H (2021) Evidence Review Of Drug Treatment Services For People Who Are Homeless And Use Drugs. Health Research Board. HRB Drug and Alcohol Evidence Review, 7. Dublin.

First paragraph: People who are homeless have complex and challenging lives. They tend to have worse physical and mental health, and are more likely to report problem substance use, than the general population. Substance use is more prevalent among people who are homeless than in the general population, and providing support services and drug treatment in a holistic way for this population should be a priority (St Mungo’s, 2020). Increasing the provision of evidence-based support may lead to improvements in health, well-being, and quality of life (QoL), and to a reduction in costs to healthcare and wider public services. The Irish National Drugs Strategy aims to improve access to treatment services for people who are homeless who use drugs and have complex needs.

FundersHealth Research Board
Title of seriesHRB Drug and Alcohol Evidence Review
Number in series7
Publication date30/03/2021
Publication date online30/03/2021
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Place of publicationDublin
ISSN of series2009-793X

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Dr Hannah Carver
Dr Hannah Carver

Lecturer in Substance Use, Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology

Dr Wendy Masterton
Dr Wendy Masterton

Lecturer in Criminology, Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology

Professor Tessa Parkes
Professor Tessa Parkes

Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences

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