Evidence review on homelessness, substance use and metal health

Funded by Health Research Board.

Collaboration with Liverpool John Moores University.

This evidence review will comprise two parts: the first part will present a description of current services in Ireland in primary care, mental health, and drug treatment settings for homeless people who use drugs; the second part will be an intergrative review of the research literature providing a systematic evaluation of the evidence regarding interventions aiming to address the needs of this population.

For the purposes of this tender an evidence review is defined as:

An evidence review answers a specific research question regarding the selection or implementation of an intervention. It involves a rapid synthesis of existing evidence and identifies what is likely to work in a given setting and what is likely to fail.

The review will be undertaken in line with the protocols, standards, and methodology developed by the review team in the HRB Evidence Centre. The HRB may provide guidance and advice to the research team at each stage of the review process. This will ensure that the final review will meet the standards that the HRB has set for its own reviews.

Total award value £31,712.28


Dr Tessa Parkes
Dr Tessa Parkes

Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Social Sciences

Dr Joanna Miler
Dr Joanna Miler

Knowledge Exchange Fellow, Faculty of Social Sciences

Dr Hannah Carver
Dr Hannah Carver

Lecturer in Substance Use, Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology

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