2018 Academy of Marketing annual conference: marketing the brave


Tinson J, Wilson C, Moufahim M, Kolyperas D, Maglaras G & Black I (2019) 2018 Academy of Marketing annual conference: marketing the brave. Journal of Marketing Management, 35 (9-10), pp. 795-797. https://doi.org/10.1080/0267257x.2019.1638145

First paragraph: The Academy of Marketing 2018 (AM2018) conference was hosted by the University of Stirling in the heart of Scotland. The theme of the conference was Marketing the Brave which challenged marketing scholars to be brave in both thought and deed through exploring insightful theoretic concepts, designing and employing rigorous research approaches and generating innovative solutions to bold issues. Would the marketing community be able to provide an understanding of and offer explanations to sustainable business practices, responsible consumption and marketplace inclusion? In July 2018, scholars were critical in discussing and debating these challenges in the stunning campus and welcoming environment of the University of Stirling.

Marketing; Strategy and Management

Journal of Marketing Management: Volume 35, Issue 9-10

Publication date31/12/2019
Publication date online17/07/2019
Date accepted by journal27/05/2019
PublisherInforma UK Limited