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Professor Nils Bunnefeld

Professor Nils Bunnefeld

Professor, BES

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Jones IL, Timoshenko A, Zuban I, Zhadan K, Cusack JJ, Duthie AB, Hodgson ID, Minderman J, Pozo RA, Whytock RC & Bunnefeld N (2022) Achieving international biodiversity targets: learning from local norms, values and actions regarding migratory waterfowl management in Kazakhstan. Journal of Applied Ecology, 59 (7), pp. 1911-1924.


Cusack JJ, Bradfer‐Lawrence T, Baynham‐Herd Z, Castelló y Tickell S, Duporge I, Hegre H, Moreno Zárate L, Naude V, Nijhawan S, Wilson J, Zambrano Cortes DG & Bunnefeld N (2021) Measuring the intensity of conflicts in conservation. Conservation Letters, 14 (3), Art. No.: e12783.


Cusack J, Duthie AB, Rakotonarivo OS, Pozo R, Mason T, Månsson J, Nilsson L, Tombre I, Eythórsson E, Madsen J, Tulloch AIT, Hearn R, Redpath S & Bunnefeld N (2019) Time series analysis reveals synchrony and asynchrony between conflict management effort and increasing large grazing bird populations in northern Europe. Conservation Letters, 12 (1), Art. No.: e12450.