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Decision Trees for Data Publishing May Exacerbate Conservation Conflict

Minderman J, Cusack JJ, Duthie AB, Jones IL, Pozo RA, Rakotonarivo OS & Bunnefeld N (2019) Decision Trees for Data Publishing May Exacerbate Conservation Conflict. Nature Ecology and Evolution, 3, p. 318.

First paragraph: Tulloch et al. have rightly highlighted the need to increase the accessibility of species occurrence data to better support conservation efforts. They present a tree to aid decisions regarding making data publicly available. Their tree is essentially a visual aid to existing protocols. However, we feel that, owing to its failure to explicitly account for likely disagreements among stakeholders throughout the process, the proposed method may inadvertently fuel conservation conflicts.

Output Type: Letter

Nature Ecology and Evolution: Volume 3

Author(s)Minderman, Jeroen; Cusack, Jeremy J; Duthie, A Bradley; Jones, Isabel L; Pozo, Rocio A; Rakotonarivo, O Sarobidy; Bunnefeld, Nils
FundersEuropean Commission
Publication date11/02/2019
Publication date online11/02/2019
Date accepted by journal10/12/2018
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