Evaluating the impact, effectiveness, and acceptability of statutory controls on alcohol marketing

Funded by Society for the Study of Addiction and Institute of Public Health in Ireland.

Collaboration with Institute of Public Health in Ireland.

Leading national and international bodies suggest that statutory controls on alcohol marketing are required to reduce consumption and harm. Few studies, however, have measured the implementation and impact of such measures and the UK Government’s last alcohol strategy concluded there was insufficient evidence to support their introduction. As the Scottish Government prepares to consult on new controls, and Ireland have begun to introduce restrictions, this fellowship will examine the impact, implementation, and acceptability of statutory marketing controls.

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Dr Nathan Critchlow

Dr Nathan Critchlow

Research Fellow, ISM

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Critchlow N, Moodie C & Gallopel-Morvan K (2024) Restricting the content of alcohol advertising and including text health warnings: A between-group online experiment with a non-probability adult sample in the United Kingdom [Restricting the content of alcohol advertising]. Alcohol: Clinical & Experimental Research.


Critchlow N (2024) Commentary on Manthey et al.: No more missed opportunities—We need to address the absence of robust and comprehensive evaluations about the real-world impact of statutory restrictions on alcohol marketing. Addiction.


Critchlow N & Purves R (2023) Alcohol branding during rugby union matches in Ireland after commencement of Sect. 15 from the Public Health (Alcohol) Act: a frequency analysis of highlights from the European Rugby Champions Cup and Six Nations Championship. Irish Journal of Medical Science.


Critchlow N, Moodie C, MacKintosh AM, Gallopel-Morvan K, Stead M & Fitzgerald N (2022) Have restrictions on alcohol advertising in Ireland affected awareness among adults? A comparative observational study using non-probability repeat cross-sectional surveys. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs.