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A new approach to measuring drinking cultures in Britain



Holmes J, Lovatt M, Ally AK, Brennan A & Meier P (2016) A new approach to measuring drinking cultures in Britain. Alcohol Research UK. Alcohol Insights, 133. University of Sheffield.

First paragraph: When governments propose changes to alcohol policies, the announcement is often followed by public debate on the potential for the policy to change the country’s drinking culture. However, specifying what the drinking culture is, what is problematic about it, what it should be changed to, what interventions might trigger such a change and whether success has been achieved have all been problematic topics in alcohol policy discourse and the research literature.

Title of seriesAlcohol Insights
Number in series133
Publication date30/04/2016
PublisherUniversity of Sheffield
Publisher URL…lReport_0133.pdf

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Dr Melanie Lovatt

Dr Melanie Lovatt

Senior Lecturer, Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology

Professor Petra Meier

Professor Petra Meier

Honorary Professor, Institute for Social Marketing