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Professor Mirko Moro

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In my research, I focus on how individual decision making and attitudes influence, and are influenced, by wellbeing, environmental changes and public policies. I answer these research questions by combining survey, secondary and administrative data, and by employing micro-econometric techniques and natural experiments to infer causality.

Fields I work on are prominently Environment, Wellbeing, Policy Evaluation.


Sustainable Plastic Attitudes to benefit Communities and their EnvironmentS
PI: Professor Richard Quilliam
Funded by: Natural Environment Research Council

Immigration and Wellbeing
PI: Professor Mirko Moro
Funded by: The Nuffield Foundation

Towards a European Study on the Economics of Hunting and its contribution to Ecosystems services
PI: Professor Nils Bunnefeld
Funded by: FACE: The European Federation for Associations for Hunting and Conservation

Using Subjective Well-Being Data for Energy Policy Analysis
PI: Professor Mirko Moro
Funded by: Swiss Federal Office of Energy

Is the winter fuel payment counter-productive to energy policy?
Funded by: The Nuffield Foundation

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Howley P & Moro M (2021) Measuring the impact of immigration on subjective well-being. University of Stirling Public Policy Blog [Blog post] 24.05.2021.

Research Report

Bell D, Comas-Herrera A, Henderson D, Jones S, Lemmon E, Moro M, Murphy S, O’Reilly D & Patrignani P (2020) COVID-19 mortality and long-term care: a UK comparison. International Long-Term Care Policy Network, CPEC-LSE.



Policy and Impact Evaluation; Research Methods; Environmental Economics; Macroeconomics