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Parkour event leaps into action at the University of Stirling

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Picture of Parkour by Andy Day

Members of the community are encouraged to vault, swing and climb their way to an exciting parkour event at the University of Stirling today (Friday 14 June) and tomorrow (Saturday 15 June).

The events will be centred in our Pathfoot Building on our main Stirling campus.

Parkour is the fast-paced activity originating from France and sees people use their bodies and surroundings to negotiate obstacles and propel themselves forward.

Across the weekend parkour practitioners – known as traceurs – will demonstrate their skills. There will be a daily workshop at 11am today and tomorrow, highlighting the value of parkour for education and health.

There will also be a lecture and discussion at 2pm on both days – looking at French Studies, film and photography delivered by University Professor Bill Marshall.

An exhibition of parkour photography by Andy Day and Diego Ferrari is also on display in the foyer of the University’s Pathfoot Building until late August. It will be available to view from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Fridays and from 11am to 3pm at weekends. The exhibition co-incides with the larger Forth Valley Open Studios display.

14 AND 15 JUNE 2013

  • 11am Workshop: Working with parkour, for teachers, health workers and other interested parties (Room E26, Pathfoot Building)
  • 2pm Illustrated lecture and discussion on Parkour in French Studies, Film and Photography by Professor Bill Marshall (Pathfoot Building A96).
  • Glasgow parkour traceurs training on campus on both days
  • In addition - Parkour and Still Photography Exhibition, on show at Pathfoot Building until late August.
  • For further details contact:

Picture by ANDY DAY.

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