Who we are working with

The University of Stirling is hosting the Hydro Nation Chair in Scotland’s International Environment Centre (SIEC). We are working with a wide range of partners and communities in help deliver deliver sustainable water management in Scotland.


Scottish and UK industry

We will work with business to help them get to net zero and beyond by providing access to our advanced technology and expertise. This will help build new, clean infrastructure and create jobs.  

Scotland’s International Environment Centre and the National Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Hub will support business to develop the clean, sustainable technologies, products and services that are required to transform business.

Research community

We will bring stakeholders, partners and researchers together to collaborate and co-develop solutions.  

Our Scottish and UK focus, combined with our international focus, will support industry partnerships and develop commercial ideas.  This will be supported by a Catalyst Fund to pump-prime large scale, collaborative funding bids.  

We will build on existing overseas partnerships, such as the pan-European Research Infrastructure on River-Sea systems, and internationalisation initiatives from universities and NGOs, to enhance Scotland’s reputation as a leading Hydro Nation.


We are feeling the effects of climate change through water, in flood and drought, but water offers us solutions too. Water is everybody’s business, and business as usual is not an option.  

The priority of a Hydro Nation in the 21st Century is to get us closer to net zero at pace and build a green economy. We need to build new, clean infrastructures that attract green investment and create high quality jobs. 

The Hydro Nation will continue to ensure safe drinking water for Scotland.

Regulatory agencies

We can provide real-time monitoring of the impact of interventions such as peatland restoration and tree planting on water quality and carbon storage.

Government and policy makers

We will provide evidence to support government policy around carbon emission and storage, biodiversity and natural capital.