Graduate Apprenticeship in Data Science: Information for employers

Is your organisation ready for today’s data driven world? Data has become an invaluable asset and today’s businesses often find themselves data rich but information poor.

Organisations generate data on a daily basis that are not stored, manipulated, analysed and interpreted properly. Data Scientists working around these issues could give their organisations a competitive advantage in their respective markets. By upskilling your existing workforce or hiring new employees in the area of data science with the BSc (Hons) Graduate Apprenticeship in Data Science course, organisations will be able to harness the power of their data contributing to growth and future viability.

Fully funded training  

All organisations generate data on a daily basis, which is often not stored, manipulated, analysed and interpreted properly. Data scientists can address these issues to give your business a competitive advantage. 

To harness the power of your business data, you can choose to upskill your existing workforce or hire new employees in the area of data science. Managing data and applying data science delivers intelligent insights that can help you grow your business and prepare for the future.

How our apprentices can help your business

How our graduate apprenticeships have been designed to tackle the challenges of current and emerging skills gaps.

Benefits to the employer

Graduate apprenticeships have been designed to meet employers’ needs and are proven to benefit businesses through staff skills development. They enable staff to become more effective in their workplace and increase productivity.

Benefits include:

  • new skills to help address your business challenges
  • fees are 100% funded by the Scottish Government so there is no cost to the business
  • employers can build contacts with academic experts
  • employees split their time between work and Stirling - applying acquired knowledge immediately to a company’s tasks
  • employers can retain talented staff by supporting their development through this programme
  • employers can attract new talent into the business by offering the course as part of Continuous Professional Development
  • apprenticeships in Scotland help SME companies to develop their employees and contribute to their growth

Data science apprenticeship: blending learning with work

Designed for anyone looking to combine earn a Graduate degree remotely whilst working, the course requires one dedicated study day a week over a four-year period to complete. The remainder of the working week is spent as an employee in the business, putting learning to practical use as a Data Scientist. The course is open to all applicants looking to earn a degree straight from school, someone looking to make a career change, or wishing to deepen their knowledge in the Data Science field to further their career.

The course gives students an in-depth awareness and appreciation of the underlying computing and mathematical principles empowering data science technologies, and how to apply their knowledge to enable a business to thrive in a data driven world.

A Data Science apprenticeship is bringing benefits to Forestry and Land Scotland (FLS). Hear from apprentice Jessica and FLS team leader James.

Key learning areas

  • Introduction to Computing Science
  • Discrete Structures
  • Interface Design
  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Scripting for Data Science
  • Databases
  • Practical Statistics
  • NoSQL Databases+ Data Warehousing
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Databases
  • Practical Statistics
  • UX Design
  • Data Strategy
  • Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision
  • Data Science Applications
  • Security
  • Distributed Data Science Systems

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