Nourish menu

Location: University of Stirling Sport (see opening hours)


Start the day the best way with a fresh Scottish morning roll or 5 item breakfast. All our cooked breakfast items are either grilled or steamed (no frying).

Served until 11am every day

Grab and go breakfast

A selection of cakes, pastries, fruit pots, granola pots and yoghurt pots

Fresh Scottish morning roll (146 cal) filled to order from the hotplate, choose from:

  • grilled links sausage (119 cal)
  • grilled lorne sausage (131 cal)
  • grilled black pudding (297 cal)
  • grilled back bacon (gluten free) (144 cal)
  • free range scrambled egg (119 cal)
  • roast mushroom (vegan and gluten free) (106 cal)
  • potato scone (vegan) (105 cal)
  • baked beans (vegan and gluten free) (45 cal)
  • vegan sausage (vegan) (139 cal)
  • thyme tomatoes (vegan) (60 cal)
  • hash brown (vegan and gluten free) (162 cal)

Single £2.20

Double £3.10

Meal Deal: hot drink and hot roll £3.95

5 item breakfast £5.70

5 item vegan breakfast (vegan) £5.20

Traditional Scottish porridge pots £2.10

  • Plain (217 cal)
  • Raspberry and honey (213 cal)
  • Apple and cinnamon (216 cal)

Breakfast wraps

The full monty £3.95
Any 5 items in tortilla wrapped 

Brekkie burrito £3.75
Roasted chorizo, double egg and smokey beans  

The healthy one £3.75
Saute mushrooms, smashed avo, roasted tomato and spinach  


Malted bloomer toast (2 slices) (208 cal) £1.60

  • Nutella portion (81 cal)
  • marmalade (43 cal)
  • jam (38 cal) 
  • butter (94 cal)

Kids menu

Served from 12pm daily. All served with beans (91 cal) and wedges (212 cal) or salad (27 cal). £3.75

  • Link sausage (334 cal)
  • Chicken dippers (341 cal)
  • Vegan nuggets (vegan) (242 cal)

Grab 'n' go

Salad and sandwich bar – Build your own!


  • Small £3.70
  • Medium £4.50
  • Large £5.20

Wrap (170 cal) £3.95

Bloomer breads (208 cal) £3.95

Baked potatoes (gluten free) (261 cal) £3.75 

Choice of: 

  • baked beans (vegan and gluten free) (45 cal)
  • grated cheese (202 cal)
  • tuna mayo (172 cal)
  • coleslaw (vegan) (110 cal)

Add extra toppings for £1.05.

Smoothie bar

Served from 7am daily £3.50

Strawberry split (vegan) 
Strawberry, banana, and apple juice (173 cal)

Pash ‘n’ shot (vegan) 
Pineapple, mango, and apple juice (159 cal)

Blueberry thrill (vegan) 
Blueberries, raspberries, banana, and flax seeds (191 cal)

Broccoli and beast (vegan) 
Broccoli, spinach, mango, cucumber, pineapple, and banana (152 cal)

Chef's specials

Served from 12pm daily

Nourish club sandwich £6.25 
Toasted malted bread, roast turkey, Scottish bacon, lettuce, tomato, and low-fat mayo (631 cal) served with baked wedges (994 cal)

Nourish vegan club sandwich (vegan) £5.50 
Toasted malted bread, roasted red peppers, tofu “bacon”, lettuce, tomato and vegan mayo (594 cal) served with baked wedges (957 cal)

Chargrilled steak burger £6.95 
with crispy bacon, melted cheese, relish and toasted brioche bun (587 cal), served with baked wedges and slaw (950 cal)

Sweet potato falafel flatbread (vegan) £5.95 
served with baked wedges (739 cal)

Cajun chicken and roasted pepper burrito (halal) £5.95 
served in a whole meal wrap and guacamole (575 cal)

Loaded dirty potato wedges (gluten free) £3.50 
with bacon, siracha and garlic mayo (540 cal)

Loaded spicy potato wedges (gluten free) £3.20 
with jalapenos, siracha and garlic mayo (476 cal)