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A Curriculum for Wales: Review of the Draft Progression Steps



Priestley M, Hizli Alkan S & Nieveen N (2018) A Curriculum for Wales: Review of the Draft Progression Steps. Welsh Government. Cardiff.

The aims of this review are to: a) summarise an analysis of curricular documentation, exploring the extent to which What Matters Statements (WMs) support the achievement of the Four Purposes and their key characteristics; and b) shed light on the current development work, providing some suggestions for the next stages. The report commences with an explanation of the review method used. This is followed by a section with findings, observations and recommendations on how the vision set out within the Four Purposes of the Successful Futures report could be further aligned with the draft versions of AoLEs. The final section summarises the suggestions for the next stages of development work. Individual reviews for each Area of Learning and Experience (AoLE) are included as appendices to the general report. These appendices provide more detailed information relating to each AoLE. The report also includes an additional appendix (7), which provides an overview of the coverage of the characteristics across the curriculum as a whole.

FundersWelsh Government
Publication date01/06/2018
Place of publicationCardiff

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Professor Mark Priestley
Professor Mark Priestley

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