Gambling with the future of young people


Moodie C & Hastings G (2008) Gambling with the future of young people. Addiction Research and Theory, 16 (2), pp. 107-110.

First paragraph: UK Policy makers addressed two key public health problems last summer: smoking and gambling. Both are quasi-voluntary behaviours, involve powerful vested interests and have serious implications for the future health and well being of young people; but policy on them is going in opposite directions. July’s smokefree legislation was followed in October by a law increasing the legal age of tobacco purchase to 18. This builds on the 2002 Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Act, which removed all tobacco advertising, and the mandating of enhanced health warnings in 2001, which in October 2008 will be further improved by the addition of graphic images. These measures combine with systematic increases in the taxation on tobacco products, NHS countrywide smoking cessation services and multi-component health promotion.

Gambling; Young People; Compulsive gamblers Psychology; Smoking Prevention and control; Gambling Law and legislation Great Britain; Youth Tobacco use Great Britain

Addiction Research and Theory: Volume 16, Issue 2

Publication date30/04/2008
PublisherTaylor & Francis (Informa Healthcare)