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Pictish parallels for Gotland’s picture stones?



Foster S (2012) Pictish parallels for Gotland’s picture stones?. In: Karnell M (ed.) Gotland's Picture Stones: Bearers of an Enigmatic Legacy. Reports from the Friends of the Historical Museum Association, 84. Visby, Sweden: Fornsalen Publishing, Gotlands Museum, pp. 171-182.

In 1993, Anders Andrén observed that the best parallels for the unique Gotlandic picture stones are to be found in Scotland's Pictish symbol stones: ‘In these contemporary monuments it is possible to trace equivalent changes in function (from gravestones to memorials) and images (from abstract signs via realistic pictures to Christian symbols)'. This paper introduces the Picts of northern and eastern Scotland (AD 300-900) and their sculpture. It reviews the question of possible parallels, reflecting on how we might learn from study of each other's monuments. With reference to recent case studies, the focus is on current knowledge, the latest ideas and new discoveries. As we learn more the parallels perhaps become less neat, but the material clearly invites parallel thinking.

Picts; early medieval sculpture; Gotland Picture Stones

Title of seriesReports from the Friends of the Historical Museum Association
Number in series84
Publication date31/12/2012
PublisherFornsalen Publishing, Gotlands Museum
Publisher URL
Place of publicationVisby, Sweden

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