Nostalgia and negotiation: The electronic word-of-mouth and social well-being of older consumers



Wilson-Nash C & Pavlopoulou I (2024) Nostalgia and negotiation: The electronic word-of-mouth and social well-being of older consumers. Psychology and Marketing, 41 (3).

As older people turn to the internet for consumption and social connection, it is imperative to understand how online consumption behaviors, such as generating and absorbing electronic word-of-mouth (eWOM), influence feelings of belonging. This study therefore explores how organic conversations around brands, products, and services influence older consumers' social well-being. A 6-month netnography was conducted in a social media platform geared toward older consumers where eWOM activity was created relating to books, household items, technology, furniture, financial services, clothing, and leisure activities. The findings reveal four types of eWOM-nostalgic, seeking reassurance/advice, providing reassurance/advice, and negotiation, which create experiences of social well-being. This research contributes to the marketing literature by (1) exploring the implications of eWOM on consumer well-being (2) investigating how the social value of eWOM interacts with social well-being, and (3) developing pioneering knowledge of older consumers generating and absorbing eWOM.

Electronic word of mouth; nostalgic consumption; older consumers; social media; social well-being

Psychology and Marketing: Volume 41, Issue 3

Publication date31/03/2024
Publication date online31/10/2023
Date accepted by journal19/10/2023

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Dr Ismini Pavlopoulou

Dr Ismini Pavlopoulou

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Dr Carolyn Wilson-Nash

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