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Source to Sea - enabling coherent, efficient and synergistic outcomes

Alternative title NatureScot Research Report 1343



Kellock C, Leakey C, Schroeder C, Melville N, Khan J & Mathieson S (2023) Source to Sea - enabling coherent, efficient and synergistic outcomes [NatureScot Research Report 1343]. NatureScot. NatureScot Research Report, 1343. Inverness. https://www.nature.scot/doc/naturescot-research-report-1343-source-sea-enabling-coherent-efficient-and-synergistic-outcomes

Preface: NatureScot, SEPA and the University of Stirling recognise that more needs to be done to address the twin climate and biodiversity crises. This report explores the potential to build on existing good practices, to enable more effective, coherent management of land, freshwater and sea, and to target action to where we can achieve improved outcomes for the environment and society in Scotland. The report is based on a collation of expert insights, experiences and recommendations from a broad community of relevant people and organisations across multiple sectors and specialisms, collected across a series of workshops and other discussions. The authors are very grateful to all of those who generously contributed their time and ideas. This report provides a helpful, early think-piece to stimulate more discussions, and to help inform future approaches to source-to-sea thinking in Scotland. We will continue to discuss the recommendations further, within and between our organisations, and with Scottish Government.

source to sea; land-use; marine; collaboration; environmental management; connectivity; water; soil

Title of seriesNatureScot Research Report
Number in series1343
Publication date31/10/2023
Publication date online31/10/2023
Publisher URLhttps://www.nature.scot/…rgistic-outcomes
Place of publicationInverness

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Miss Celeste Kellock

Miss Celeste Kellock

PhD Researcher, Biological and Environmental Sciences

Dr Christian Schroeder

Dr Christian Schroeder

Senior Lecturer, Biological and Environmental Sciences

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