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Special Issue on Psychological Perspectives on Gift Giving in a Changing World



Givi J, Branco-Illodo I, Heath T & Otnes C (2023) Special Issue on Psychological Perspectives on Gift Giving in a Changing World. [Website content] 23.02.2023.

First paragraph: Gift giving and receiving represent forms of economic activity that fulfill a wide range of psychological needs. Multiple contemporary developments impact the ways they do so. For example, the technology industry is pushing generative artificial intelligence and new forms of computer-mediated communications as world-transforming innovations. At the same time, consumer-health concerns are more pronounced than ever, due to the impact of COVID-19 on mental and physical well-being, and the aging of the global population. On a wider level, the urgency of ethical, responsible, and prosocial consumption is more acute than ever and raises profound issues about how consumption should adapt accordingly. Finally, social justice issues pertaining to reducing inequality and poverty within and across countries are motivating new directions within established research streams such as gift giving. Below, we highlight how these areas of change offer opportunities for novel scholarship at the intersection of gift giving and consumer psychology.

A call for papers for a special issue of 'Psychology & Marketing' journal.

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Publication date23/02/2023
Publication date online23/02/2023
PublisherWiley Online Library
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Dr Ines Branco-Illodo

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