Paintings Alive: Interactive Films and Video Installations for Young Museum Visitors



Wetzel V & Zioga P (2022) Paintings Alive: Interactive Films and Video Installations for Young Museum Visitors. Interactive Film and Media Journal, 2 (2). https://doi.org/10.32920/ifmj.v2i2.1572

To reach younger audiences, museums worldwide have incorporated interactive and hands-on activities, while some venues specialise in children as their main audience. Videos, in particular, can be easily integrated in the museum space and provide a variety of application possibilities. Their use creates a hybrid experience for the visitor in which the interaction between physical and digital elements transforms and enriches their experience of the exhibits. Furthermore, the use of interactive technologies has been proven to increase visitor numbers and interactions on- and off-site. In this context, our research focuses on the use of interactive video technologies, and factors that can lead into the design of engaging and user-friendly museum experiences for children. To achieve this, a museum was chosen as a case study and a survey was conducted. The results indicated that the creation of an interactive video could benefit the areas that were visited less; the preferable length is rather short; while hands-on and video installations promote and prolong the engagement of young visitors, and are favoured by both younger and older children. Additionally, fictional or dramatised stories are attractive to children compared to documentaries; and it would be preferable to access the interactive content on their mobile devices. These have led to the production of Paintings Alive, an interactive film for children, based on the museum’s art gallery, and accessible on the visitors’ mobile devices. Our paper also discusses the findings of the project, alongside the challenges and limitations imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, and offers recommendations for future work.

Children; Interactive Film; Interactive Narrative; Interactive Video Installation; Museum

Output Type: Video Essay

Interactive Film and Media Journal: Volume 2, Issue 2

Publication date25/05/2022
Publication date online25/05/2022
Date accepted by journal16/05/2022
ISSN2564 - 4173
eISSN2564 - 4173

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Dr Polina Zioga
Dr Polina Zioga

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