Increased support for standardised packaging in the UK: a longitudinal online survey



Moodie C, Best C, Critchlow N, Stead M, Hitchman SC & McNeill A (2022) Increased support for standardised packaging in the UK: a longitudinal online survey. Tobacco Control, 31 (1), pp. 119-120. https://doi.org/10.1136/tobaccocontrol-2020-055911

First paragraph: While standardised (or plain) packaging is required in at least 14 countries, the only evidence on postimplementation support comes from Australia. Public support is important for public health policy as it can be instrumental in whether governments introduce measures, and can help justify the decision to have done so. In Australia, support for plain packaging during the transition period was higher among smokers using plain packs than smokers using fully branded packs. A longitudinal survey found that support among smokers increased from 28% preplain packaging to 49% 6 months postplain packaging. Cross-sectional surveys found that while approval among smokers and ex-smokers was unchanged from prior to the policy being implemented to 12 months postplain packaging, there was a significant decrease in disapproval (from 36.4% preimplementation to 28.2% for smokers, and from 17.2% preimplementation to 13.9% for ex-smokers).

Tobacco Control: Volume 31, Issue 1

FundersCancer Research UK and British Heart Foundation
Publication date31/01/2022
Publication date online23/09/2020
Date accepted by journal07/08/2020

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Dr Catherine Best
Dr Catherine Best

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Dr Nathan Critchlow
Dr Nathan Critchlow

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Dr Crawford Moodie
Dr Crawford Moodie

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