The Stirling Protocol - Putting the environment at the heart of prosperity and social inclusion


Cusack M, Tyler A, Valenti M, Rogers J & MacLeod M (2020) The Stirling Protocol - Putting the environment at the heart of prosperity and social inclusion. Science of the Total Environment, 737, Art. No.: 140079.

While the global coronavirus crisis impacts society and the economy in a myriad of ways, it provides, what is likely to be, a once in a lifetime opportunity for us to rethink our response to climate change. According to the 2020 Global Risk Register, extreme weather and climate action failure are the two most likely and impactful risks to the global economy, which now more than ever needs to be avoided. Addressing the major challenges that we face from climate change can often appear to conflict with economic priorities. Add to this the fact that environmental mitigation steps can inadvertently exclude sections of the population and the enormity and complexity of climate change responses can result in paralysis. In contrast, the Stirling Protocol provides the framework for rapid, effective action and comprises three pillars: Environment, Economy & Inclusion. By addressing and balancing these three pillars, the simple protocol can be adopted throughout organisations putting the environment at the heart of sustainable prosperity and inclusion and provide a benchmark for positive action.

Environment; Prosperity; The Stirling Protocol; Social inclusion

Science of the Total Environment: Volume 737

Publication date01/10/2020
Publication date online18/06/2020
Date accepted by journal06/06/2020