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Conclusion. Reconsidering Political Representation in Europe, 1400-1700



Damen M, Haemers J & Mann AJ (2018) Conclusion. Reconsidering Political Representation in Europe, 1400-1700. In: Damen M, Haemers J & Mann AJ (eds.) Political Representation: Communities, Ideas and Institutions in Europe, c.1200-c.1690. Later Mediaeval Europe, 15. Leiden: Brill Academic Publishers, pp. 309-318.

First paragraph: This collection of essays was structured as a triptych: we wanted to highlight three themes which we consider essential for the study of political representation in the later Middle Ages and the early modern period. The first panel of our triptych had an institutional framework in which we tried to analyse the balance between a bottom-up and a top-down approach, and wanted to assess the ways in which representative institutions functioned as a platform for political dialogue. In the second panel we focused on the persons in and behind the representative institutions and looked for ways to link the achievements of prosopographical research with changes in political dialogue. In the third panel we directed our attention to the ideological world of representation and tried to discern patterns in which political discourses were triggered by institutional developments.

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