Gambling marketing from 2014 to 2018: A literature review

Alternative title Gambling marketing: A literature review



Newall PWS, Moodie C, Reith G, Stead M, Critchlow N, Morgan A & Dobbie F (2019) Gambling marketing from 2014 to 2018: A literature review [Gambling marketing: A literature review]. Current Addiction Reports, 6 (2), pp. 49-56.

Purpose of review: Legislation and technology have led to unprecedented changes in the frequency and content of gambling marketing in many countries. We build upon previous reviews by exploring research on gambling marketing from between 2014 and 2018. Recent findings: Most literature reviewed was from the UK or Australia, with three key findings identified. First, gambling marketing is highly targeted and ubiquitous around sport, with the most popular strategies being: increasing brand awareness, advertising complex financial incentives for participation, and advertising complex betting odds. Second, perceptions of gambling advertising, particularly among vulnerable groups (e.g., children, problem gamblers) appear to be influenced by this targeted content. Third, emerging research suggests that awareness of gambling marketing is associated with more frequent and riskier gambling behaviour. Summary: The reviewed literature suggests that gambling marketing is targeted and influences how gambling is perceived, and that it may affect gambling-related behaviours.

gambling advertising; gambling promotion; betting; sports betting; policy.

Current Addiction Reports: Volume 6, Issue 2

FundersResponsible Gambling Trust
Publication date30/06/2019
Publication date online06/03/2019
Date accepted by journal12/02/2019

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Dr Nathan Critchlow

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