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The Frankfurt Kabuff


Squiscoll B (2018) The Frankfurt Kabuff. Toronto: Wattpad.

After a difficult winter, Beatrice Deft is on vacation in Frankfurt during European Autumn, staying at the Hessischer Hof enjoying the quiet of cosmopolitan Germany. When violence breaks out at the stands of far-right publishers across the road at the Frankfurt Book Fair, Beatrice tells herself it isn't her problem. But now police patrol the aisles with guns and batons, and queues form at security bag checks, and an old friend begs for her help. There she meets Caspian, the very hot policeman with a baton, and finds herself wondering, What is the secret of the kabuff?

Frankfurt Book Fair; publishing; creative writing;

Blaire Squiscoll is a pseudonym used by Beth Driscoll and Claire Squires

Publication date07/12/2018
Publication date online07/12/2018
Publisher URL…frankfurt-kabuff
Place of publicationToronto