European Beech Forests for the Future: Ecological, Economical, and policy analysis of beech forest conservation under the Natura 2000 Network

Funded by Natural Environment Research Council.

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Professor Alistair Jump
Professor Alistair Jump

Dean of Natural Sciences, NS Management and Support

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Hacket-Pain AJ, Cavin L, Friend AD & Jump A (2016) Consistent limitation of growth by high temperature and low precipitation from range core to southern edge of European beech indicates widespread vulnerability to changing climate. European Journal of Forest Research, 135 (5), pp. 897-909.


Matias L, Gonzalez Diaz P & Jump A (2014) Larger investment in roots in southern range-edge populations of Scots pine is associated with increased growth and seedling resistance to extreme drought in response to simulated climate change. Environmental and Experimental Botany, 105, pp. 32-38.

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