Measuring medieval users' responses to manuscripts: new technological responses

Funded by The Leverhulme Trust.

Collaboration with University of St Andrews.

Medieval books are among the most enduring testaments of pre-modern culture. Inscribed on organic parchment, manuscripts’ signs of wear are self-documenting, recording how they have been handled, transported, upgraded, exposed, and used ritualistically. This project proposes to develop four techniques to investigate medieval manuscripts: pollen analysis, three-dimensional photography, parchment thickness analysis, and DNA analysis of stains. The University of Stirling will develop the methodological approach of the pollen analysis section of the overall project . The aim is to develop metric-based, machine aided techniques—apply existing techniques in new ways—to answer humanities questions about how medieval people sourced materials, handled their books, travelled with them, and re-read certain favourite stories.

Total award value £2,828.00

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Dr Eileen Tisdall

Dr Eileen Tisdall

Senior Lecturer, BES