Emotional AI in Cities: Cross Cultural Lessons from UK and Japan on Designing for An Ethical Life

Funded by Economic and Social Research Council.

Collaboration with Bangor University, Chuo University, Meiji University, Ritsumeikan University and University of Edinburgh.

Emotional Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows machines to sense, learn and interact with people’s emotions, moods and intentions, using data from our body movements, voices, facial expressions and even body temperature. With a rise in smart devices and smart cities, these technologies could have strong ethical implications. This project will explore what it means to live well and ethically alongside emotional AI in smart cities, in the context of commercial, civic or security settings such as policing. Jointly funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) in the UK and the Japan Science and Technology Agency in Japan, this project involves academics from universities such as Stirling, Bangor, Edinburgh, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific, Chuo and Meiji University.

Total award value £34,095.94

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Dr Diana Miranda

Dr Diana Miranda

Lecturer in Criminology, Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology

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Book Chapter

Miranda D (2023) Frontline perceptions of Body-Worn Cameras: tools for transparency in British policing?. In: Privacy, Technology, and the Criminal Process. (ed) Jason Bosland, Joe Purshouse and Andrew Roberts ed. London: Routledge.

Book Review

Miranda D (2022) Book Review Police Visibility: Privacy, Surveillance, and the False Promise of Body-Worn Cameras. Review of: Police Visibility: Privacy, Surveillance, and the False Promise of Body-Worn Cameras, Bryce Clayton Newell (2021), University of California Press. 260 pp. ISBN: 9780520382909. Information Polity, 27 (2), pp. 305-308.

Book Chapter

Bakir V, Ghotbi N, Ho TM, Laffer A, Mantello P, McStay A, Miranda D, Miyashita H, Podoletz L, Tanaka H & Urquhart L (2022) Emotional AI in Cities: Cross‐cultural Lessons from the UK and Japan on Designing for an Ethical Life. In: Carta S (ed.) Machine Learning and the City: Applications in Architecture and Urban Design. London: Wiley, pp. 621-624.

Conference Paper (unpublished)

Miranda D & Urquhart L (2022) Policing Faces - Perceptions of Facial and Emotion Recognition Technologies. AGOPOL Conference: Diffusion of Policing in the Algorithmic Society, Oslo, Norway, 18.11.2022-18.11.2022.

Conference Proceeding

Miranda D, Urquhart L & Laffer A (2022) Working with Affective Computing: Exploring UK Public Perceptions of AI enabled Workplace Surveillance. In: Effectiveness of ICT ethics – How do we help solve ethical problems in the field of ICT?. ETHICOMP 2022, UNIVERSITY OF TURKU, TURKU SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS Turku, Finland, 26.07.2022-28.07.2022. University of Turku, Finland: ETHICOMP, pp. 165-177.

Conference Paper (unpublished)

Miranda D (2021) Policing and Facial Recognition. The Centre for Crime and Policing conference series, Northumbria University - Newcastle upon Tyne [online], 05.04.2021-05.04.2021.