Evaluating the Impact of Increasing the Availability of No/Lo Alcohol Products

Funded by National Institute for Health Research.

Collaboration with King's College London, University College London and University of Sheffield.

To date there is little public health research available in the UK or internationally on the characteristics of the growing no/low alcoholic drinks market, how consumers are using these products, the potential benefits and harms to public health, or the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of policy responses. The proposed study will comprehensively investigate the characteristics of this market, and whether, in what form and by whom intervention is required to prevent or mitigate negative outcomes and facilitate positive ones.

Total award value £596,584.41

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Ms Kathryn Angus

Ms Kathryn Angus

Research Officer, Institute for Social Marketing

Dr Rachel O'Donnell

Dr Rachel O'Donnell

Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Social Marketing

Dr Nathan Critchlow

Dr Nathan Critchlow

Research Fellow, Institute for Social Marketing

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Critchlow N, Holmes J & Fitzgerald N (2024) Alibi marketing? Surrogate marketing? Brand sharing? What is the correct terminology to discuss marketing for alcohol-free and low-alcohol products which share branding with regular strength alcohol products?. Addiction.

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