Dr Cate Pemble

Research Fellow (Qualitative)

Dementia and Ageing Colin Bell Building, University of Stirling, Stirling, FK9 4LA

Dr Cate Pemble

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Research (3)

Catherine's research spans a variety of fields from sociology to philosophy, disability studies, gerontology, housing studies, social work and psychology. Her interests include:

Dementia; Disability; Autism; Mental Health;

Embodiment; Sexuality; Place and Space;

Discrimination; Citizenship; Human Rights;

Ethnography; Participatory Research; Qualitative Research; Mixed Methods Research


Peer Support for People with a Lived Experience of Dementia
Funded by: Life Changes Trust

COVID-19 Rapid Response. Sustaining the resilience and wellbeing of frontline community based care and support workers to vulnerable older people during a time of crisis
PI: Dr Grant Gibson
Funded by: Chief Scientist Office

Evaluation of dementia friendly walking activities in care homes
PI: Dr Grant Gibson
Funded by: Paths for All

Outputs (15)


Research Report

Dawson A, Brown T, Pemble C & Douglas E (2022) COVID-19 and You: Impact & Recovery Study [A literature review to inform the development of a UK specific instrument to measure COVID-19 fear]. UKRI. https://www.hagis.scot/reports

Research Report

Douglas E, Bell D, Dawson A, Brown T, Pemble C, Houston J, Comerford D, Olivarius O, Duggan A, McCabe L, Douglas C, McGregor L & Coutts-Murray K (2022) HAGIS COVID Impact & Recovery Executive Summary Report. UKRI. Stirling. https://www.hagis.scot/reports

Conference Proceeding

Douglas E, Bell DNF, Comerford D, McCabe L, Pemble C, McGregor L & Brown T (2021) The Impact of COVID-19 Fear: Evidence To Inform Social, Health And Economic Recovery - A Healthy Ageing In Scotland (HAGIS) Study. In: Ageing Past, Present and Future: Innovation and Change. British Society of Gerontology 50th Annual Conference, Online, 07.07.2021-09.07.2021. Hampshire: British Society of Gerontology, p. 165. https://www.britishgerontology.org/public/31949/BSG_Conference_Book_2021_Online_v2.pdf

Research Report

Gibson G, Robertson J & Pemble C (2017) Dementia Friendly Walking Project: Evaluation Report. Paths for All. Paths For All. http://www.pathsforall.org.uk/pfa/news/new-research-by-the-university-of-stirling-on-our-dementia-friendly-walking-project.html

Research Report

Westwood J, Pemble C & Patterson F (2016) Leadership in Social Work Qualifying Education. Scottish Social Services Council. University of Stirling. http://www.sssc.uk.com/about-the-sssc/multimedia-library/publications?task=document.viewdoc&id=3200



Catherine has tutored students in small and large groups, in online and face-to-face spaces on the following courses:

SCQF Level 7: Social Differentiation (SPCU 911); Social Problems (SPCU 912); Social Theory (SPCU 9C4).

SCQF Level 9: Understanding Social Policy (SPCU 913); Research Methods 1 (SPCU 9C5).

SCQF Level 10 : Governance and Cooperation (SPCU 9JQ); Place, Belonging, and Identity (SPCU 9JV).

SCQF Level 11: Critical and Creative Approaches to Dementia (DEMPGC1); Critical and Reflective Thinking in Dementia Studies (DEMPGC3).