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Dementia Friendly Walking Project: Evaluation Report



Gibson G, Robertson J & Pemble C (2017) Dementia Friendly Walking Project: Evaluation Report. Paths for All. Paths For All.

The evaluation project explored the second year of the dementia friendly walking project. Paths for All were keen to obtain views of people living with dementia, their carers and other walk attendees regarding their experiences of attending dementia friendly walks. Currently approximately 100 group projects are taking place across Scotland, with 500 walks taking place per week. Currently there are 23 dementia friendly walking group projects taking place across Scotland. The purpose of the evaluation is to evaluate the current progress on the dementia friendly walks aspect of Paths for All, and the experiences and perspectives of people living with dementia in relation to the group walking activities, areas of improvement for walking groups, and in relation to project outcomes set by the Life Changes Trust as the project funder. The goals of the evaluation are; • To explore experiences of attending dementia friendly walks as organised by walking for health groups within the Paths for All programme.  • To explore landscapes where walks are taking place.  • To explore social interactions taking place between attendees.  • To identify benefits, facilitators and challenges regarding attending dementia friendly walks from the perspective of people living with dementia. • Identify gaps and make recommendations for provision of dementia friendly walks in the future. 

dementia; walking; health; wellbeing; activity; social sciences

Publication date31/07/2017
Publication date online07/2017
PublisherPaths For All
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Dr Grant Gibson

Dr Grant Gibson

Senior Lecturer, Dementia and Ageing

Dr Cate Pemble

Dr Cate Pemble

Research Fellow (Qualitative), Dementia and Ageing