Research Report

The housing experiences of disabled people in Britain



Satsangi M, Theakstone D, Matthews P, Lawrence J, Rummery K, Mackintosh S, Baghirathan S & Boniface G (2018) The housing experiences of disabled people in Britain. Equality and Human Rights Commission Research Report Series. Equality and Human Rights Commission.

This report contains findings from two pieces of research undertaken in 2017 into the housing experiences of disabled people in Britain. The main piece of research involved in-depth interviews with 51 households containing disabled individuals in the Bristol area, Central Scotland and South Wales. Interviews were with disabled individuals or, if the disabled person was a child, their parent. Participants were identified by contacting housing and disability organisations, which excluded by definition those unknown to key agencies.  The 51 households covered a diverse range of characteristics, but were not intended to be representative of disabled people living in Britain today. We sampled areas in England, Scotland and Wales to examine if there were any reported differences based on the various local and national policy frameworks. The themes and main findings were broadly similar across the three geographic areas and no notable differences were found, but we remain cognisant of the limits to conclusions generated by small sample sizes.  The secondary piece of research involved a review of data from the Census of Population, separate national housing and house condition surveys, and academic and policy/practice literature published in the three years prior to the research. This review is summarised briefly below and in more detail in Chapter Two. Its main purposes are to set the scene for, and inform the development of, the qualitative research, and provide context for the interview findings. The evidence review is included in full in Appendix 1.

Title of seriesEquality and Human Rights Commission Research Report Series
Publication date31/05/2018
Publication date online11/05/2018
PublisherEquality and Human Rights Commission
Publisher URL…d-people-britain

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Mrs Julia Lawrence
Mrs Julia Lawrence

Project Coordinator, Faculty of Social Sciences

Dr Peter Matthews
Dr Peter Matthews

Senior Lecturer, Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology

Professor Kirstein Rummery
Professor Kirstein Rummery

Professor, Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology