The human race has difficult choices to make about how we use what’s left of our world’s resources. These choices determine our future.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals were designed to help the world’s decision-makers, but there’s a problem. Achieving one goal can directly lead to failing another.

For example, clean, affordable energy is a goal; and building a hydropower dam generates renewable energy.

But building that dam can flood homes and destroy forests. It can also affect people and ecosystems further downstream. Goals like zero hunger, and life on land and in water can be sacrificed.

We call this a trade-off.

In this game – Power Up! – you take the role of a decision-maker, and you make the choices.

Where will you build a hydropower dam? How big will it be? What are you willing to trade-off?

We’re also asking decision-makers to play, to experience trade-offs in a different way.

It takes ten minutes, and by playing this game, you can help influence the decisions that we make, and the kind of world we choose for our future.

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