Two students with backpacks

Make the most of your time abroad

Our Study Abroad Programme gives you the opportunity to discover a new country, a different culture and continue to learn your chosen subject. To make the most of your adventure abroad, we’ve collated these top tips after speaking with students who’ve been through the experience.

1 - Do your research

Once you’ve been successful in securing a Study Abroad exchange place, it’s worth learning more about your new country. It’ll give you a working knowledge of the local customs and culture, plus ideas of what you could do and explore in between classes.

2 - Learn the language

Part of the fun of studying abroad is getting the chance to immerse yourself in a brand-new culture. To get the most out of life at your new destination, learning the language will help. Do your best to learn key phrases and regional slang. It will help you communicate on a daily basis and you’ll earn some respect from the locals.

3 - Share your stories and adventures

Technology means you can easily share your experiences abroad, not just with your friends and family but also with a wider network. Think about setting up a blog, which can be an online journal for your time studying abroad. It’ll also give you a platform to share your photos.

4 - Don't forget you're just visiting

After you settle in, you may be tempted to shun sightseeing in order to live more like a local. There’s nothing wrong with that, but don’t forget that your time abroad has got an expiry date. If there’s something you want to see or do, you shouldn’t put it off.

5 - Set up an international bank account 

Choose a bank account that has good conditions for use abroad, or think about setting up an account with an international bank. You don’t want to be charged heavily each time you withdraw money. You’ll want to easily make online transfers and check your balance wherever you are.

6 - Join an international society

When you arrive in your Study Abroad country, you’ll want to feel settled as soon as possible. One thing that could help, is joining an international society run by your host university. These societies often arrange social and cultural events, helping you to meet other students from around the world.