Sport Typography

These are the fonts that should be used across all print and digital material.

Sport Primary font


This is our primary font for headings and sub-headings for communications and marketing materials.  It should be only used in uppercase and not for body copy. A small number of licences are available for Tungsten and are currently owned by University of Stirling marketing team, University of Stirling Sport and Graphics and Print. We can provide a license to an external partner if creating artwork specifically for University of Stirling Sport.

Tungsten Font

Secondary font

FS Maja - Regular

This is our secondary font, which requires a licence. It should be used as a replacement in the absence of Tungsten across communications and marketing materials.

SVG image of FS Maja font


Typography example

Body copy

Calibri - Light / Roman / Bold

This is are our standard font which is available on all PCs.  This fonts should be used for all written body copy material. 

SVG image of Calibri font

Line spacing

To ensure consistency through all type applications, line spacing must be considered.


Setting Upper and Lowercase text

When setting Upper and Lowercase text, line height (leading) is 125% the size of the type size.

Example leading when setting Upper and Lowercase text
Type sizeLine height
20pt  25pt 
50pt  62.5pt 
100pt  125pt 


Setting Uppercase text

When setting Uppercase text, line height (leading) is 75% the size of the type size.

Example leading when setting Uppercase text
Type sizeLine height
20pt  15pt 
50pt  37.5pt 
100pt  75pt