Tone of Voice

Our tone of voice is what we say and how we say it.  It expresses our personality and is part of our brand.


By nature, we're a very grounded university; it's one of our greatest selling points.  Everyone at the University is seen as an equal, and lecturers and staff are approachable and friendly.  So when we speak, we want to reflect that.

We sound like people speaking to people.

What we mean 

Approachable, down to earth, human. 

What we don’t mean 

Intimidating, patronising. 

Decorative image of an international student


We're proud of our graduates' successes, our world-class research, and our high-quality teaching.  But we aren't arrogant about it.

We are sure of ourselves without being over-confident.

What we mean

Self assured, assertive, positive, informed.

What we don’t mean

Arrogant, bragging, lamenting on successes.

Confident student



We’re an educational institution, offering prospective students, staff and partners a wealth of opportunities.  We offer the chance to be part of a University that is known for the quality of its thinking; a University that drives change; a University that finds solutions to problems and makes a global impact.

We sound forward thinking, progressive and excited about our future and the future of our students and the communities we serve.

What we mean 

Exciting, forward-thinking, rousing.

What we don’t mean

Over excited or childlike, false, far fetched.

Inspirational student



Academia has to be careful not to sound dusty and old.  We are thinkers, learners and doers.  We’re active and we have a desire to innovate.  Our expertise will shine through our work and results so we don’t need to fluff our own feathers. 

We sound intelligent, informed, up-to-date and with a thirst to know even more.

What we mean

Intelligent, up-to-date, sharp.

What we don’t mean

Jargon, terminology, boring.

Expert students