Staff uniforms

First impressions are important and staff uniforms can be a powerful and recognisable brand awareness tool.

For departments who wear staff uniform, we have pulled together some helpful guidelines for producing corporate clothing.


Colour is a very important part of a uniform as that is usually what people see first before looking in detail at the clothing. Think Easyjet or IKEA…

University of Stirling staff uniforms must be produced in one of the following primary brand colours (or as close a match as possible).

Correct colours for staff uniforms

  • Heritage green
  • Energy green
  • White
  • Tertiary grey

Secondary colours must not be used.

The only exception to this rule is the Students' Union Shop, where secondary colours may be used in moderation for University merchandise.

This guidance on brand colours usage should also be applied to interior design and furniture.


The University of Stirling (or University of Stirling sub-brand) logo should be chosen from one of the following colours only:

  • Heritage green
  • Tertiary grey
  • White

Logo colour should be chosen to ensure maximum legibility and contrast. 

How logos should be used on uniforms

Where possible, the University of Stirling (or University of Stirling sub-brand) logo should always be placed on the front left breast. 

Be the Difference strapline

The University's Be the Difference strapline can be used on clothing in a secondary position (i.e. on the sleeve or on the reverse) and must never be used in isolation.

On occasion, the University may receive accolades or awards relevant to certain departments/areas. eg. UK Sports University of the Year 2020

How Be The Difference should be used on uniforms

Departments are permitted to use official badges relating to the award as long as the University has an appropriate licence for use. Please check with the Marketing Team for proof of licence.

In these circumstances, branding must be placed in a secondary position (i.e. on the sleeve or the reverse of the merchandise).

Good practice examples

Below is a selection of brand-approved staff uniform examples. These are not exclusive, but demonstrate correct usage of brand principles.

Good practice examples for uniforms