A picture speaks a thousand words and our photography captures an insight into life at Stirling.

These guidelines supplement the photography style guides in our visual identity section.

Information regarding consent can be found in our photography consent section. 


When commissioning photography please be aware of the following:

  • Preference should be given to booking a supplier who is familiar with our brand guidelines and photographic style.  Please contact the Marketing team for a recommendation.
  • The Photographer and Videographer Copyright Form, which grants copyright to the University of Stirling, must be completed and stored securely.
  • Where possible, models should be selected from a cross section of demographics within the student body.
  • The Data Protection Act 1998 states that the University must have written consent from each model before taking any photography or video footage for marketing purposes.  This applies to students, staff and non-University models. If the activity includes young people (under 18) parental consent must be obtained. If you take a group photo, for example, a lecture, students not wishing to participate should be given the choice to leave the group before the photo is taken. The person in charge of the group should then sign the form on behalf of the group.  Please store the model release forms in a safe place.

Please share your images with us so we can build up our repository in the Digital Media Library.  For more information, contact the Marketing team.

Download Model Release Form

Download Model Release form for email

Digital media library

The University holds a library of photographs which are 'on brand'.  Please contact your faculty or service area Marketing contact with any photography requests.

Photography  style

When commissioning visuals, please take into consideration the following:

  • Assess the composition of the photograph or film location - for example make sure all technology in the shot is up-to-date and that the date doesn't appear on a calendar or poster in the background as this will shorten the shelf life of the imagery and limit its use.
  • Ask models to wear bright clothes (but not garish patterns).
  • Consider using props to enhance the composition of the scene.

Photographer and Videographer Copyright Form

When commissioning photography or videography, the following copyright form must be completed.  This grants copyright to the University of Stirling.

Download Photographer Copyright Form