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What makes a good personal statement

A personal statement is one part of a suite of information that University staff use in the academic evaluation of an application. It should be a short reflective essay (no longer than one page of A4) that is focused and allows the reader to hear the applicant’s voice.

What we're looking for is an honest and succinct narrative that tells us why you have opted to apply specifically for this course. We want to see some evidence that you have really thought about your selection and to get a sense that you are excited by what lies ahead. If you're interested in a particular field, then tell us about it. If you’ve read something that’s stimulated your desire to study in a particular direction, tell us that too. It doesn’t have to be something you necessarily agree with, just something which has stimulated you to study with us. 

We look for a convincing statement where the course that you want to apply for feeds into your passions and interests and potentially how you anticipate it will benefit your future career. If your chosen subject or field of interest has impacted in your life outside study, such as voluntary work or internships then this too, is something we want to hear about.

It’s important that your personal statement reveals you. We can see your academic performance but what we want from a personal statement is an understanding of why this course would fit you. Please bear in mind that if you are applying to study in the UK from overseas, your personal statement will be the document that will be used for your interview with the visa authorities, so you should be prepared to discuss the contents of your personal statement fluently.

Graduate admissions

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