Joshua Thorpe

Academic Skills Adviser - FNS and FSS

+44(0)1786 466991

Joshua Thorpe

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Telephone +44(0)1786 466991


Joshua has been involved in academic support and development since 2008, working for several universities in both Canada and Scotland. He holds a BFA and MA in Fine Art, is a Certified Practitioner of the Association for Learning Development in Higher Education, and is currently pursuing a Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching. Josh works primarily with the Faculties of Social and Natural Sciences, aiming to bring eclectic, student-centred, and experiential teaching principles to the teaching and support of academic literacies. Josh has a number of interests in both research and practice, including accessible teaching design, creative approaches to writing and academic work, and writing as a social and material practice (any of which he will happily discuss further if prompted).